Chris’ previous curriculum development experience and strong organizational skills have made him an integral part of a productive curriculum development committee…The end product is a high-quality curriculum, complete with detailed lesson plans and materials. Chris’ team-teacher and co-planner has praised him highly for his collaborative skills and high level of commitment to the project….The demands placed upon visiting faculty members at CELE are varied and high. Chris has met and often surpassed these demands with professionalism, flexibilty, leadership and good humour.

Gina Thurston

Vice Director, Center for English Language Education (2002), Asia University

Besides his skills and experience in teaching, Chris has been an essential member of our office team. As Chair of the Assessments Committee, Chris has been instrumental in overseeing and coordinating all aspects of program-wide testing. Chris has overseen the the entire placement process for leveling students in Freshman English, a year-long course required of all first-year students at Asia University…I know that if Chris is given the opportunity to work at your institution, in whatever capacity, you will not be disappointed.

Michael W. Bess

Vice Director, Center for English Language Education (2003), Asia University

I have had several opportunities to observe Chris teach and have been impressed with his ability to engage students and create an effective learning environment. As a teacher, he develops lessons that are well organized and interesting. During these observations, he implemented his knowledge of current pedagogical theories, which he was able to apply to a variety of students at different levels….Chris was a valuable member of the Curriculum Development Committee…Under his leadership the Freshman English Placement was streamlined and improved…Chris and i have worked closely together to make decisions on curriculum and administrative policies.  Together, with the assistance of other committee members, we were able to make critical scheduling changes, address assessment issues…I have found his input valuable, professional and sound.

Heather L. Clemans

Vice Director, Center for English Language Education (2005), Asia Universty

As a professional, Chris is flexible, capable, innovative, and always punctual with administrative matters. In addition, he is warm, friendly, funny and popular with students and fellow staff.

Marcel Van Amesvoort

English Department Chair (2007), Kanagawa Prefectural College of Foreign Studies

Chris Koelbleitner was a model of reliability throughout his two years with us. He came to us with a goo deal of experience and left with even more. He makes solid and practical choices of methods and materials for his classes. He has been well-liked by students, colleagues, and staff here. I’m sure he will be an outstanding addition to any school or organization that offers him a position.

Joseph T. Kim

Coordinator, EFL Program (2008), College of Humanities, Kanto Gakuin University

Chris’s students consistently rate his classes highly in the written course evaluations at the end of each semester. His energy, enthusiasm and good humour are at once apparent to all and he is popular with his colleagues.

Gregory Strong

Coordinator IE Program (2008), Aoyama Gakuin University

In all my dealings with Chris, he has proven to be a thorough, intelligent, conscientious, reliable professional. He is also extremely supportive and helpful with all our staff, both instructional and administrative…Chris is a very popular teacher who relates to students in a warm, natural way…From my own perspective, Chris’ awareness of the interrelationship between teaching, administration and management has made him an invaluable asset in all of our operation.

Jon Coller

Program Developer (2001), Language Institute of Japan

Chris’ lessons are interesting, well-organized, and made up of activities that are well-sequenced to progress towards effectively achieving the desired goals.  Chris has consistently demonstrated flexibility and dedication to both do his job, and do it well, often performing above and beyond our expectations. Chris is insightful and frequently helps in brainstorming solutions to problems. His positive attitude, sense of humor, and thoughtfulness have helped to make the working environment at LIOJ a positive and enjoyable one.

Daina Plitkins-Denning

Program Developer (2000), Language Institute of Japan

As Head Teacher and Director of Studies, Chris supervises 16 instructors and is chief academic advisor to 250 students. He has a very friendly, relaxed manner with the students and is motivated by genuine concern for their well being. Judging by the number of students who visit Chris’s desk each day — some with problems, others just to say hello — they find him approachable and easy to talk to.   As Dean of the Business Department, I have worked closely with Chris and have found him to be a creative problem solver, an extremely energetic individual and a positive presence in stressful situations. Ours is a fast-paced workplace, where each of us must perform numerous duties and take initiative in handling new challenges. Chris is quick to take responsibility for new projects, but he is also very good at working within a team.

Noreen Baker

Dean of Students (1999), WTC Business School